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    Midland, Texas

    Experienced Family and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Midland, TX

    The Todaro Law Firm, PLLC is in Midland, Tx and serves clients throughout the West Texas area with family law and criminal defense legal matters. The Todaro Law Firm, PLLC has extensive experience in:

    Family Law

    • Divorce
    • Divorce mediation
    • Child custody and visitation

    • Child support and enforcement

    • Paternity

    • Domestic violence

    • Property division

    • Adoption

    Criminal Law

    • DWI/DUI defense
    • Felonies

    • Misdemeanors

    • Assault

    • Theft

    • Drug possession

    • Domestic violence

    • Intoxication offenses

    • Alcohol-related offenses for minors

    • Traffic tickets

    • Commercial driver’s license violations

    The Todaro Law Firm will be there to advocate for you. Whether it is a family-related matter or criminal matter, we are on your side. Contact our office for your initial consultation. We are ready to provide professional, personalized representation no matter the family law or criminal law issue.